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Science in Submarines

by Danielle Schimmenti

Welcome on board!

In the fall of 2017, during my first semester of graduate school, I joined the science team aboard the University of Hawaii’s R/V Ka’imikai-O-Kanaloa for a deep-sea submersible diving cruise. During the course of my 30 days at sea, we traveled to several seamounts (former islands now sunken beneath the ocean’s surface) in the Pacific. There we sent manned submersible vehicles to the ocean floor to do surveys of the overall health of the deep-sea coral reefs found there, as well as to collect some very rare live and fossil (dead) coral samples. I cannot reveal the names of the sites we visited or the exact nature of what we observed during our dives as this project is still ongoing, but I’d like to share a bit of what it was like doing research using submersible vehicles.

What is a submersible vehicle?

A submersible vehicle is a small submarine. Manned submersibles or human occupied submersible vehicles (HOVs), such as the ones used on my cruise,…